Go on a journey of discovery in the footsteps of a mysterious culture. Explore diverse landscapes, investigate artifacts und bring strange machines to life! Loose yourself in this carefully handcrafted first person puzzle game und become a part of the world of Memorrha!
Memorrha Closed-Alpha
The downloadable version of Memorrha on this website is a free alpha. This means the content of the game is not fully complete and there can still be bugs and glitches. To find those and to be able to further optimize the gaming experience we need your help!

How can I be part of the development?
Register on this site, test the game and fill out the feedback form on your profile-page.

We are especially happy about detailed answers to our questionnaire which are going to be rewarded with a credit mention and the chance to get a free full version of the game (steam key) after release!
Alpha testing step by step

1. Register on memorrha.de
2. Generate a serial key
3. Download the installation file
4. Play the game
5. Fill out the feedback form
6. Enjoy boundless gratitude of the developers!

The availabe serial keys are limited, register now and test the game!