Privacy Policy

Updated: July 15th, 2018

This Policy (hereinafter “the Policy”) sets the rules for processing personal data (hereinafter “the personal data”, “the data”) of users (hereinafter “the Users”, “you”) during their use of StickyStoneStudio websites (hereinafter, accordingly, “the Websites”, “StickyStoneStudio”) and games accessible therefrom (hereinafter jointly “the Games”, each individually – “the Game”). The Policy includes appendices and supplement constituting an integral part hereof.

The Policy constitutes an integral part of the License Agreement and the Rules of the Game (hereinafter jointly “the Agreement”). Read this Policy carefully. If you wish to set up an Account on any of our Websites, you need to provide StickyStoneStudio with the personal data required to fulfil the conditions of the Agreement.

We ask you to confirm that you have acquainted yourself with the Policy, agree with it in full and have provided your informed and free consent to gathering and processing of your personal data by the means and for the purposes indicated herein. Such confirmation will be deemed accepted once you click on the relevant button, or tick the checkbox and/or provide any other obvious confirmation on the Game Website and/or interface of the Game. If you do not agree with the terms for processing of personal data, please refuse to download, install or make any other use of the Game and the Website. StickyStoneStudio has the right to periodically amend and/or supplement this Policy without giving users any prior written warning.

By consenting to the Policy, you confirm your understanding of the need to acquaint yourself with the Policy in relation to amendments and/or supplementsmade thereto.

About StickyStoneStudio
If you have any questions about processing of personal data within the scope of using the games posted on the Websites or about the Policy, you may contact StickyStoneStudio, legal address: Schwarzwaldstr.23, 79576 Freiburg in Breisgau, (hereinafter “StickyStoneStudio”, “we”, “our” and ”us”) by email:
We respect your right to confidentiality of personal data and process such data and other information provided by you or gathered about you exclusively in accordance with the given Policy and the applicable law.

Data collection
We collect personal data about you in the following cases:
  1. an Account is set up on the Websites and/or in the Game;
  2. an Agreement is concluded and performed with StickyStoneStudio to use Game and for conclusion of other associated agreements;
  3. participation in testing of new versions and/or updates of the Websites and/or Games (if applicable);
  4. participation in competitions and other such events conducted by us or third parties in relation to a Game;
  5. provision of the access to the Websites and/or Games by means of data used for accessing third party resources;
  6. submission of requests, letters or other messages to StickyStoneStudio by you;
  7. performance of other actions while you use the Websites and/or the Games.

The data we collect
You permit us to receive from you data of the following categories during your use of the Websites and the Games. When your Account is set up, you permit us to receive and process Account Data:
  1. Email address;
  2. distribution language;
  3. in-game identifier (login and password);
  4. social media identifiers;
During your use of the Websites and the Games, you permit us to receive and process the following Trace Data:
  1. Registration files (logs);
  2. statistics on actions on our Websites;
  3. statistics in the Games (like level progress);
Technical information about devices and operating systems you use when visiting the Websites or using the Games, specifically information about means for controlling access to information media (Media Access Control, MAC), the device identifier (Unique Device Identifier, UDID), analogous device identifiers, your IP address and information about the browser used. The user may refuse to receive notifications and other messages of an advertising nature by contacting StickyStoneStudio as specified in the Policy “About Us” section or by other means indicated in the received messages.

When the Websites and/or the Games are used by means of authorisation via social media, the user confirms that they have read and agreed that StickyStoneStudio collecting and processing the data of the user’s social media account, including:
  1. name;
  2. photography or other image used as an avatar;
  3. user social media identifier;
  4. email address;
  5. the language used;
  6. other information, in the manner set forth in the Policy;
In addition, in the given case, the user gives their consent and expresses their understanding that the user’s account data may be accessible to other users of the Websites and the Games.

Data we do not collect
StickyStoneStudio does not collect or process information about the racial or ethnic affiliation of users, their political views, religious or philosophical convictions, state of health of personal life. We do not request or collect copies of identity documents or identification numbers and you undertake not to provide us with such data and not to post them on the Websites.

How personal data is used
StickyStoneStudio may process user data by the following methods:
  1. collection;
  2. recording;
  3. arrangement;
  4. accumulation;
  5. updating;
  6. amendments;
  7. transmission;
  8. depersonalization;
  9. pseudonymization;
  10. deletion;
  11. destruction;
StickyStoneStudio may also copy user data and use user data combined with other data StickyStoneStudio collects in accordance with this Policy for ensuring the functioning and development of the Websites and the Games and administering them. The user gives their consent to transfer of data to affiliates and partners of StickyStoneStudio, including the right holders of the Games, for the purposes envisaged hereby, including, when necessary, for continuous use by users of the Websites and/or the Games. Such affiliates and partners process the data on the conditions of this Policy and in accordance with the applicable legislation.

We store user data for as long as we have legal grounds for processing personal data. Once an Account is deleted or the Agreement otherwise cancelled, we have the right to store your data for two months, unless we have other legal grounds for storing the data.

For the purpose of data storage, the users gives their consent to StickyStoneStudio being entitled to pseudonymize user data by the means envisaged by the applicable legislation. The user has the right to request information from StickyStoneStudio about processing of the data they have provided. The user confirms their understanding of and consent to the fact that deletion of the data provided thereby from the StickyStoneStudio systems is impossible if there are valid agreements between StickyStoneStudio and you to use the Games or other agreements. The user has the right to request deletion of their data when agreements for use of the Games and/or other agreements are concluded.

Deletion of data may result in the termination of the Agreement, as a result user may lose the right to use the Games.

We take all possible preventive measures to preclude loss, unlawful use, amendment or deletion of your data. Our staff, contractors and authorized persons may gain access to the data received from you but their use is restricted to the range of duties performed by them in connection with enabling you to use the Websites and the Games. Our staff, contractors and authorized persons granted access to your data and information about you are obliged to ensure their confidentiality. They are also prohibited from using them for any purposes other than those listed above or in connection with processing of your enquiries.

We take the necessary technical, administrative and physical security means to protect your data.

Third-party websites
The Websites and the Games may contain links to other websites, games and services provided by third parties, including retailers. Your consent to the conditions of this Policy applying only to your data and information about you received by use within the scope of your use of the Websites and the Games, and we do not bear liability for any data third parties might collect, store and use through their own websites or within the scope of the services rendered by them. You need to read carefully the confidentiality policy of each website you visit.

Your rights
You may update, correct or delete your own personal information in the settings section of your Account on the Websites. You have the right, at any time, to exercise the following rights in relation to your data that may be recognized as personal data under the applicable law, in particular:
  1. You have the right to ask us to provide you with copies of your personal data in our possession and/or information about how they are processed.
  2. You have the right to ask us about updating and correction of any outdated or incorrect information about you that we store.
  3. You may request that any information received by us from third-party resources to be deleted.
If you wish to exercise one of the above rights, please contact us at Please note that, even if you send us a request to delete personal data about you from our information systems, we may retain all the information required for us to prevent fraud and abuse, perform analysis or fulfil legal obligations, or if we have grounds to believe there is a lawful reason to do so.

Please also note that, if you opt out or restrict the number of advertisements received from us, we will need up to 10 (ten) working days to process your request and update our mail-out settings. In addition, even after you opt out from receiving commercial message, you will continue to receive administrative announcements relating to the Websites and the Games from us until the Agreement is terminated.

Security settings
Apart from the security measures we take to protect your data, you agree to assume the obligations to ensure confidentiality of your Account and related information about you, including restriction of access to the information. If you post any personal information about yourself on the Websites and/or in the Games, until it is deleted or archived, it can be copied by other users and/or third parties. Nor do we guarantee that such information will be inaccessible to unauthorized persons on the Websites/in the Games.